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Name of Individual being NominatedDescription of NominationPicture of nomination
Desmond CaswellSo far spent the most hours on the water and always eager to help anyone who needs a paddle buddy!
Taariq LevackThe man has put in the time and KM's. Doesn't give up, even when the chips are down.
Darryn clauseAlways paddles no matter what the water conditions, begs and steals time from the wife. Sold his kayak not by choice but always makes a plan to go onto the water
ZackSkipping school to fish……..legend
ZachSkipping School to try get that Katonkel
DesmondAlways at the top of the launch site, out of site with a coffee in his hands, arrving between 4am and 5am, so desperate to catch the winning fish, but 007ish in his approach. The silent desperate angler with no less than an average of 8-10 hours away from home πŸ™‚ Well done Desmond for always being around and being a good mate at the slip and on the water, but I guess being nice is being desperate too πŸ™‚ ps: he is so stealth in his way we dont even have a photo of this desperate guy πŸ™‚
Desmond CaswellHe went every day that had fishable conditions and paddles +- 30 kilometers every outing , he has a serious fear of missing out and is very competitive in a fun way. He has caught nearly 30 fish in 24 days and is risking safety against strong winds and high tides to get that one big fish.
Oom Desmond
Desmond CaswellFished every possible fishing day
DesmondHe really put in the most time to get, hard work should pay
DesmondDesmond tried to fish every day he could and sometimes twice a day
Oom DesmondI doubt his feet were ever dry.

He paddled plenty & caught as much.

Cudos oom!!
Zach PotgieterBunked school to get on the score board