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Name of Individual being NominatedDescription of NominationPicture of nomination
Dewald de WaalDie rob het gegaan vir sy vis, toe byt hy mis en by die kayak raak. Toe sit die ding se tande vas aan die kayak!
Jason HectorSealed with a Kiss!
Say no more!! lol

The reel started screaming [ZZzzzzzrrrrrrtttttttt!!!!!!] and I thought I was on!
I start fumbling like crazy to get the ratchet off as quickly as possible to avoid the seals coming in and getting taxed!
To my immense disappointment I find a juvenile seal had taken my favourite and most successful 120dd.
I try to get him as close as possible and in the process he thrashes out of the water for this fantastic pic attached.
I however still feel terrible for leaving a lure in a marine animal.
James JohnsonPaddling in horrible weather at 3A and still catching 3 katonkel
AndrewWhale popping out and then diving again RIGHT in front of his kayak - literally about 2m away from the tip of the kayak. Unfortunately no pics of this - but the image and the words are forever imprinted in my mind - LoL
Danelle VivierNominated for loosing two slenders (double up!).
Almost getting tipped on their first run.
Loosing the first fish by dropping the gaff and trying to pick it up by the lure.
The second fish was lost when the line was cut on the only piece kelp in the vicinity.
zack and his dadImpressed by this father and son fisherman duo. this young man is respectable in his approach and quite humble, but the opportunity for father and son to fish together and get quota on Monday was pretty special and impressive
Scott CooperLaunching his brand new 575 and flipped after 10m!!
Devin Muir
Zach& his pops JohanAwesome to see them both catching fish together & having a blast!
Definately something I wish I could do with my Pops at Zach's age.
ZackSeeing the video on Whatsapp of Zack fighting his fish while looking so comfortable and composed was incredible. For such a young man to be doing what he is doing on the water is top notch! Well done
Danelle VivierThe cowboy action if Dan losing both slenders. Looked like a western film.

Unlucky bru
Hans CombrinkTrue grit down to the final day
Zach PotgieterOutfished a lot of us, super impressed by the young lad
Dan VivierSo close yet so far, awesome pic