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Name of Individual being NominatedDescription of NominationPicture of nomination
Andreas von HolyCpt. Gingerbeard's lost pink plakkie.
Guy MountfordGuy se geelstert by 3A was great.
Guy MountfordHiiiiii.
After chasing fish fish like a mad man, then not being able to fish (I assume due to work) and blanking 4 times in a row, catching that Tail at Robben to break that dry spell, beats any katonkel for me. Yeeeeeew. Lekkers bruuuuuu 🤘
DesmondCatching 9 katonkel I’m one session when everyone else was being taxed hard. He managed to land 9 katonkel with seals around
Guy MountfordYellow Tail catch - what a fish ...
Guy BalmeYellowtail fever as usual
Andreas von holyOne of a kind catch
Andreas van HolyGimme back my pink plakkie you bliksem!

Haha definately his pink plakkie catch, those things fight harder than a kangaroo on crack.
Luke Skinner
Guy BalmeAmazing catch and release!
Hans CombrinkFish on the last day